Rooms – Grid View

Extremely enticing fusion of cozy rooms and fabulous view from the window will surprise you as soon as you open the door of your room. Enjoy the calmness and majesty of this place.

Standard Single

Best of all they come with our usual features; a comfy bed, fresh air from windows that open or air-con, flat-screen TV.

Prices start at: KSh3,500 per night

Standard Double

You will be both plenty of space to spread out and enjoy our standard & signature amenities in the heart of Downtown Rongai.

Prices start at: KSh4,000 per night

Deluxe Single

Let yourself fully relax in our luxurious favorable accommodations with lots of facilities and high-level service. We do our best to make you always content, smiling and satisfied.

Prices start at: KSh4,000 per night